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Cell Phone Addiction: A New Epidemic

Cell Phone Addiction: A New Epidemic

Research indicates that 66 percent of people across the United States and Britain suffer from something called nomophobia, which is the fear of being separated from their mobile phones. As the information age develops and matures, unhealthy cell phone behavior continues to grow. Tens of millions of people are literally addicted to their cell phones, especially smartphones, and feel panicked, anxious and afraid when deprived of their devices. Some argue that cell phones, computers, and other high … Read entire article »

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Video Games: An All Star Addiction

Quinn Pitcock, now a Seattle Seahawks football player, used to be an Ohio State All-American defensive tackler. He was a well known player and loved by his teammates. When he was playing for Ohio State, he quit after just one season. He didn’t disclose any information of why he quit in 2008. He recently told Tacoma-News Tribune that he ended his career as a professional football player to play video games. Addiction comes in all different shapes, sizes, and aspects. Whether it is the typical alcoholic who cannot seem to put the bottle down or the video game addict who can’t seem to put the controller down, addiction destroys lives. For Pitcock, his way of dealing with life was by playing video games. He had it all going for him, … Read entire article »

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