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Step 10

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

While I do not take a personal inventory in a structured, methodological fashion, I do generally take part in the second half of promptly admitting when I was wrong.  I am fairly good about pausing when I see that whatever I have said has created an emotional reaction in the other person or persons, and reevaluating what I have said or done.  If it is inappropriate, I apologize immediately.  When I started doing the steps, I dreaded the ninth step so much, that I wanted to start doing the tenth step so I would have less to do on the ninth.  Sometimes, for people I am especially not fond of, I want to apologize faster to get it over with.  I feel that if I do it in the moment or just a day or two after, it will somehow be much better than putting it off a month or two until I am on Step 9.  While I am quick to apologize, I also know that I am sometimes too quick to blame myself.  Because of this, I feel that a more structured method of personal inventory would suit me better to see what my part is and what others’ parts are.

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