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Sirius picks up Addiction Radio Show


Sirius Radio has picked up the KLEAN Radio Show, a radio program that addresses addiction.  The program airs on 980 News Talk Los Angeles KFWB, in San Diego, and in New York.  The program, hosted by Judah Friedman and Klean Treatment Center CEO, Andrew Spanswick, offers an interactive approach to providing resources, awareness, and hope to listeners.  Listeners call in with their concerns about their or a loved one’s drug use, and the hosts and often celebrity guests give feedback and encouragement to the listeners, always offering further resources.

Andres Spanswick spoke about being picked up by Sirius Radio: “We are delighted to be part of the Sirius family and to join its lineup of ‘A’ list personalities that includes Martha Stewart, Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey.  Sirius, with a listener base of more than 22 million subscribers, will enable us to reach a significantly larger audience and to help so many more people across the country.”  I think that this quote speaks to the larger message that I got from listening to KLEAN Radio.  It was not about whom the celebrity guest was or if the hosts sounded like experts, but helping people.  It is about empowering individuals to address their alcoholism and addiction or the alcoholism or addiction of their loved ones.

Celebrity guests are a major attraction to the show.  Upcoming guests include Jennifer Gimenez (supermodel, Charlie’s Angels 2, “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” “Sober House with Dr. Drew”), Mary Carey (80+ pornographic films, “Celebrity Rehab,” “Sober House,” ran for governor of California, wrote a book, “After Porn Ends”), and Jack McGee (“The Fighter”).  In addition to celebrities who have struggled with addiction, the hosts often invite addiction specialists onto the show to give their input on innovative treatment modalities and offer feedback to callers.  The hosts also address major news events related to drugs or drug trends that are sweeping the nation, like the increase in prescription drug abuse or bath salt abuse.  I enjoyed the moments when the hosts’ turned the spotlight on themselves and spoke of their own experiences, discussing their hardships and how they came out on the other side.

So often chemical dependency is idealized and glamorized through television, showing those initial moments of falling in love with the substance that so many addicts experience.  What television and movies often fail to show is the devastation, danger, and despair brought on by drug and alcohol addiction.  KLEAN Radio highlights that as well as the possibility of and paths to recovery.

If you are interested and do not have Sirius Radio; live outside of the areas KLEAN Radio is broadcasted in; or simply missed the time, look for KLEAN Radio in your iTunes Store under podcasts or visit their site.  KLEAN Radio gives listeners information, resources, and a realistic view of addiction and recovery.

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  • http://www.drugrehabscalifornia.org/ John

    I think this addiction radio talk show is a phenomenol idea! Great way to get people interested in learning about addiction treatment OR for recovering addicts to mingle with one another and learn new skills.

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