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One thing I have noticed in my year and a half in recovery is the unbelievable glorifying of stories, especially from youngsters. I understand part of it is fitting in, but people who accept you based on how much of a dirt-bag you were while you were using aren’t the people you would want to be around anyways if your trying to get your life together. I went through a rehab that was based out of Los Angeles and came across a lot of spoiled kids straight out of the streets of Beverly Hills. They also like to name drop about whom they were getting high with, even though it’s a blatant lie.  “Man… you don’t even know! I lived a loco life, my dude. When I was homeless roaming the streets with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen we would do all sorts of crazy things. One time Char Char- that’s what his buds call him- told me to do a backflip…. I was like, nahhh Char! Oh man, that was crazy.” That never happened.

My rehab was caked with these glorified stories. Being in the LA area, I heard many stories that had to do with the person’s drug use and how it was connected to some famous celebrity. The floors at my rehab need to be washed twice a day because it is constantly filthy with names that these kids drop and the glorified lifestyle they think they supposedly lived. Oh really? You sold dope to 2pac? Because you are 21 and 2pac died in ’96 so you were what, about six years old? “Well ya… no… I mean he’s still alive; I’m the only one that knows about that thought so keep in on the hush-hush. Did I tell you about how Lady Gaga wants me to manage her new album?”

People who did have an extremely “hardcore” life tend not to brag about it. Why? This is because they are in recovery trying to change their life because they aren’t proud of what they had to do to support a nasty habit. This is where kids get in trouble because they feel that it is necessary to have these extreme “war stories” so they make stories up, or worse go out and get into as much trouble as possible. If you had an extreme life that consisted of having 30-year heroin habit in the mountains of Tibet with one shoe and a sling-shot or a boring life that consisted of sitting at home by yourself drinking beer watching Sponge Bob you will be shown love in the recovery community as long as you do your best to change your life for the better and do what you can to help others. It’s what you are doing what counts! Sorry it took so long to get this blog up, I sent it over to Tom Cruise to edit it… we used to party.



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