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Profile of a Meth User


You may think that you have a general idea of what a typical meth user looks like. Many have the impression that they have peered into the world of meth addiction through the popular television program “Breaking Bad.” Although there are many factual aspects used in the production of the series, there are also many stereotypes that depict a fallacious portrayal of the particular drug culture. I believe there are many facts that would surprise people about this drug that has been around since 1919.

For example, the average meth user in Utah isn’t even male. The common meth user in Utah is a middle-aged married woman with children. What is it that makes women in Utah want to use meth? And how does that relate to the popular meth culture in general?

There are so many strange questions out there that need to be answered where this drug is concerned. Many cults use the drug for spiritual revelations, as meth is known to be highly correlated with psychosis (also known as a meth-induced psychosis). Symptoms include extreme paranoia and schizo-affective problems, such as auditory and visual hallucinations, and extremely high anxiety and panic.

The average student meth user population tends to engage in highly odd behavior as well. According to Pride Surveys, the typical adolescent meth user is a 17-year old white male who lives with both parents. These kids more often than not come from an affluent background, with parents pulling in a combined income of over $40,000 a year. Meth tends to be popular in living situations that provide a certain sense of security. (T, 2007)

For such a hardcore drug, it doesn’t seem to find its place in the center of a hardcore culture. Meth use doesn’t involve a stereotypical user and its abuse can be found spread out in multiple different social climates. Drug officers have reported meth users as young as 14 years-old and as old as 72, with rates steadily rising among women.

There was recently a movement to add strawberry and cherry flavors to the drug in order to popularize meth with younger users. As a response, some state governments have increased the criminal penalties for selling the drug to minors.

Regardless of whom you are, meth is an extremely dangerous and physically- and mentally-destructive drug. It has been rated as the second most addictive substance next to heroin and is easier to obtain. For some very odd reason, it is only a Schedule II controlled substance, while drugs like marijuana are Schedule I. This is undoubtedly due to the prescribed version of methamphetamine (Desoxyn), which is used in the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy.

The point I’m trying to make here is that meth addiction can to happen to anybody who tries it, so keep a close eye on your loved ones who are pre-disposed to drug abuse, and keep an eye out for the symptoms of meth use.


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