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Paris Jackson Rushed to Hospital for Shocking Suicide Attempt


Paris Jackson, the daughter of late pop icon Michael Jackson, was rushed to a hospital following a possible suicide attempt. Shocking, yes, but it’s sad more than anything else. Paris, 15, has been in the media more and more since her father’s death in 2009. She’s just a young girl who’s clearly struggling and doesn’t need to be the source of public speculation; rather, just like anyone who’s going through a hard time, needs love and care.

Around 2 am on Wednesday June 5th, Paris Jackson was rushed to a hospital after a 911 call was placed. The caller notified emergency personnel of a potential overdose, as well as cuts marking Paris’ arms. This follows a series of strange, seemingly sad tweets the teenager sent out. Although sources say that Jackson is doing alright, it is clear that the girl is going through a difficult time. Given the way the past few years have went for this famous family, it is easy to empathize with Paris’ pain.

When Michael Jackson died suddenly in 2009, his children were thrust into the limelight as the adults argued over custody, splitting up moneys left behind, and the ensuing trial of Dr. Murray. They have stayed in the media spotlight since – from who they stay with, to familial relationships, to who inherits what. With all this pressure and pain, it isn’t shocking that Paris would go to such a drastic measure. The question is, where does she go from here?

I’d say the same thing for anyone who is recovering from a suicide attempt, but especially for a teenager who’s been through a substantial amount of heartache and turmoil: get some help. Whether that comes in the form of a residential treatment center, outpatient treatment, psychiatry, psychology – the specifics are different for everyone and their individual circumstances. In her case, it may be even more important that she receives this care due to the media attention this is going to get her during this highly personal time. Before she’s Michael Jackson’s daughter; before she’s a budding actress or media figure, she’s a young girl. She’s a person. She deserves the same love and compassion anyone else would in this situation.

Suicide amongst young adults is an epidemic in today’s society. We hear about it all the time; from coast to coast. The desperation someone feels in these situations is so overwhelming that it seems that ending their lives is the best option they have at that time – even when people genuinely care for them. I feel for Paris and her family, and wish them the best of luck during this trying period.  This isn’t just a shocking pop culture story; this is someone’s life – and luckily, it wasn’t the end of the road for this beautiful teen.


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