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New Study Claims Alcohol More Dangerous Than Heroin & Crack Cocaine

A new study shows that alcohol has been proven to be the most lethal drug out of any illegal drugs, including heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, MDMA and acid. David Nutt, former British Government drug advisor studied the effect alcohol and drugs have on the human body as well as what their usage costs the health care and prison systems. David Nutt was allegedly fired after his disagreement with the British Government about their decision to upgrade the classification of cannabis. Alcohol is so widely used and abused, it has such devastating effects on so many lives. Not only are the effects directly induced on the drinker but also on the lives that surround them. “Alcohol is too embedded in our culture and it won’t go away,” said Leslie King, an advisor to the European monitoring center for drugs. “We cannot return to the days of prohibition.” Substances were given a marked score from zero to one hundred, zero being the least harmful and one hundred being the most, and alcohol came in first with a score of seventy-two. Heroin totaled a score of fifty-five and crack cocaine at fifty-four. When someone is drunk in excess, alcohol damages almost every single organ system in the human body. Its death rates run the highest and are involved in a greater number of crimes than all other drugs, including heroin.

Experts say it would be impractical and incorrect to outlaw alcohol. Authors of the study said “the present drug classification systems have little relation to the evidence of harm.” Alcohol was said to have scored so high because it is so widely used and accepted amongst such a range of ages. Experts say the study should make policy makers think twice about how they classify illegal drugs. “What governments decide is legal is not always based on science,” said ven den Brink. “Drugs that are legal cause at least as much damage, if not more than drugs that are illicit.”

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