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My Path to Sobriety and Gratefulness


After being in rehab for over five months and achieving sobriety, I have finally turned my cell phone back on. However, my old friends and connections back home where I was involved in the drug scene were unaware of this. This is not to say I haven’t been in contact with my friends. I am the type of drug addict who compartmentalizes his addiction. I have some really good friends whom I will always stay in contact with no matter what.

On the other hand there has always been another area of friends who I am solely involved with due to drug use.  As much as I try to compartmentalize these two aspects of my life, they occasionally cross paths. This happened today.

About thirty minutes ago I received a phone call from a friend back home. Now, this close friend of mine is somewhat acquainted with the people I would use drugs with. What I heard made me so grateful to be sober. Out of the ten kids that I knew through drug involvement, four are now in jail or have been charged and are currently awaiting arraignment.

The story goes that one of these boys and his girlfriend were robbing houses and then pawning the stolen merchandise throughout the neighboring areas. Logically, they needed money to fund their drug addiction and turned to home invasion and robbery as a means to get their fix and continue their lifestyle. During one such robbery, the homeowners came home and called the police.

Although they were not caught at the house, through police work the cops were able to get an arrest warrant. They then arrested this man in his home about twenty miles from the robbery. For lesser charges, this acquaintance of mine cooperated with police and helped them to make major drug busts throughout the county where I grew up and resided during my addiction. The possibility of my having been involved in one of these arrests or situations would have been extremely likely had I still been home and involved in drugs.

Every day I am thankful for my sobriety. Every day I wake up and am grateful that I am no longer actively addicted to drugs. I love being a real part of my family now and I love having those amazing people in my life – people who know me and are happy to have me in their lives. All of these things are what I hold dearest in my sobriety and help to keep me sober day to day.

It’s not often that I think about where my addiction could have led. My addiction caused me to break laws on a daily basis with no fear of repercussions at all. Even now, almost half a year into my sobriety, I haven’t fully grasped just how bad things could have gotten.  When I hear about the jail sentences of people I know, my heart starts pounding and I feel as if I have dodged a bullet. It’s then that I realize just how grateful I am to no longer be in that life.


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