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Medbox Wants to Install Medical Marijuana Vending Machines


It seems like Medbox, a California based company is in the business to make all the adult stoners in Colorado and Washington State happy. Their ultimate goal is to use a vending machine style method of sales distribution, which would require a fingerprint scan linked to a patient’s prescription for marijuana and dispense their desired strain. Would that be a business savvy idea? Yes. Would it be a moral and feasible concept to actually carry out? No.

For one, from what I’ve found, the majority of people who do drugs don’t care whether or not it’s legal; never mind whether or not they can get it from a vending machine. So, as to the topic on marijuana vending machines helping to eliminate the illegal drug trade, I believe that is a false argument. Also, many people who are experimenting with marijuana or other drugs enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the illegal nature of what they’re doing.

The second problem I have with this is that although these are currently being used for dispensing and proper taxation in states like Arizona and Connecticut, they can easily be used as covers for other illegal and immoral activities. When a company is dispensing a drug that is still considered federally illegal; what is to prevent an individual or group from using it as a front for prostitution, guns, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, or any other illegal trade that would bring in large amounts of money?

Third, just because something is a smart business move does not make it right. Al Capone was an absolutely brilliant businessman and look where all his excellent business choices landed him. Medbox needs to remember that although recreational use has been legalized in CO and WA under state law, federal law states that the growing, selling, and possession of marijuana is illegal. Even though President Obama stated that the federal government has “bigger fish to fry” than dealing with this company, I think Vincent Mehdizadeh (founder and chief consultant of a subsidiary that produces and installs the vending machines) and his associates need to remember that it may not always be that way, and they won’t be able to outrun the law forever. So have fun with the new business venture, Medbox, but I think the street dealers are a step ahead of you.


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