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Lindsay Lohan Wants her Career Back


It doesn’t matter what her issues are, but I will guarantee Lindsay Lohan won’t make much of an advance in her career, or even more so in her life, if she doesn’t get honest, If not with the public at least with herself and supporters.

The ability she has to be a “damn good actress,” won’t save or destroy her life like the pushed down core issues she has. Respect might come from the “great movies,” she was in but that respect doesn’t last like a strong woman who walks with grace and dignity.

It is easy to say that going out every night isn’t fun and that “it’s the same thing every time,” but once “dabbled,” and then sucked into a certain life style, it is hard to come out of it.

No doubt Lindsay has issues with her father, Michael Lohan that need to be worked through. There is a point in life we are to know right from wrong and take responsibility for the actions WE decided to take, not the actions that someone “made” us take; no one can make another person physically do anything, unless force was used in some way.

In defense of Lindsay, surroundings and environment do have a large contribution on how one reacts to growing up in society. Being a young Hollywood actress would have a large effect on how she grew up. It’s a competitive, hard work, hard play business. As a young girl I’m sure she was pulled many ways not knowing who to take direction from and having older people take advantage of her fame.

In her interview before serving her jail time, Lohan said her past is all a part of growing up and that she has learned where her old ways got her, no where pleasant. This is all true in fact; hopefully Lindsay believes it herself though.

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  • Michael

    I recently heard that Lindsay was out at a nightclub after her release AMA from her latest rehab stint. I, too saw the comment that he was tired from going out and that it was no longer fun anymore. I was in rehab for the first time in my life back in June of last year. I was at Seabrook House in New Jersey. I remembered wanting to leave so many times, the last being 22 days into my stay which was the day I was randomly drug tested for a PCA or a patient seeing a white substance on my nose. I called my best friend and my girlfriend asking them to take me home. They eventually talked me out of leaving and I stayed and finished the program. I asked my girlfriend upon learning that LiLo left rehab and went to a nightclub and said imagine if I had done the same thing as her? She just looked at me and said Thank God you stayed. LiLo’s statement that going out was no longer fun had relapse written all over it. Who was she fooling by that statement so early in recovery? It’s like saying that you don’t miss the places that you and your best friend used to go to a month after they had died. I missed everything while new in sobriety except for the actually feeling of getting high. I visited my old haunts after rehab and eventually had a shirt lived relapse. It was only until I got honest that I was a drug addict and my life was totally unmanageable, even though I paid the bills each month, did I finally find peace in my life. I have struggled with this addiction since I was 12yrs old and I am now 41 and have, a day at a time, a little over 8 months clean and sober. I have been around the program of recovery since I turned 35. I was first introduced to AA when I was 23. I wish I had stayed but I didn’t. It would have saved me a lot if pain and suffering and money had I stayed. Honestly, looking back I needed to go thru what I did endure to get to where I am today and I have NO REGRETS. Fortunately for me I remained alive to endure 25+ years of addiction virtually unscathed from problems with the law and employers and most importantly health issues and death. My first rehab will hopefully be my last one. Beat thing I ever did in my entire life was attend rehab. It taught me so much about this disease and it taught me how to be honest with myself first which taught me how to be honest with others. LiLo hopefully will find out that recovery is an inside job and she will get the help she most definitely needs. I have found that therapy coupled with a 12-step program has helped me tremendously in my recovery. Working on my core issues is the most important medicine for attacking my disease and AA is my support group to helps me stay well enough until my next dosage of medicine. Unfortunately there are those that just have to die from this disease. I don’t understand why people, if Rey had cancer would do anything in their power to help them stay alive, but when it comes to addiction they do the complete opposite. This disease kills more people than any cancer I believe. It’s a shame that people don’t take this as serious as it needs to. I will pray for you LiLo that one of these days you get honest, open and willing to change your life and finally become happy, hogue and most importantly free! is operated by Recovery Brands LLC, a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers, Inc.
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