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Lil Wayne’s Seizures Due To Drugs?


Lil Wayne, one of the most famous and successful rap artists of our time, should be enjoying himself and his upcoming LP release, but instead he is recovering from what is reported to be multiple seizures. This is the second time in six months that the rapper has been hospitalized for seizures; in October, his private jet had to have an emergency landing due to his symptoms. These symptoms are certainly startling, but they may not be inexplicable, especially due to Weezy’s heavy involvement in drugs, which are proven to increase and cause seizures and seizure-like symptoms.

Drugs, whether they are prescription narcotics or antiepileptics, can increase the likeliness of seizures. Illicit drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and hallucinogens are proven to cause severe seizures and strokes, especially when they are mixed with alcohol. In fact, alcohol on its own may cause seizures due to how it is processed in one’s body, especially when mixed with antidepressants, antipsychotics, and illegal drugs. Although the MC was put on anti-seizure medication after the jet incident, some antiepileptic medication can actually exacerbate previous seizures, and cause a higher frequency of seizures. This information on its own, while interesting, is not necessarily indicting. However, when coupled with the rapper’s history, the links are hard to ignore.

From the start of his stardom, Lil Wayne has been causing waves with law enforcement, especially regarding the use and possession of illegal drugs. In 2006, he was arrested in Atlanta for possession of generic Xanax, marijuana, and prescription painkillers. In 2008, shortly following his arrest for a gun-possession charge, Weezy was arrested across the country for possessing cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy. Each of these arrests followed accelerations in his ever growing empire, as well as his personal career. Lil Wayne also openly admits that he was addicted to “sizzurp” – a codeine drink that’s popular in the South – but maintains that he quit. With his growing track record, and declining health, fans like me are left wondering what’s next.

It’s as if Lil Wayne is living in one of his own songs; as he sings, “prepare for the worst, but still praying for the best” (Lil Wayne Lyrics). His arrests – including a yearlong stint in Riker’s Island, declining health that is beginning to interfere with his career, and constant apologies to his fans for these missteps – all look like the cycle of someone who is still “sick” (BET-Staff). These seizures are hopefully a wake-up call for the immensely talented rapper, who has become a role model for millions of young children living in the situations he came from.


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