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L.A.’s Pot Dispensaries No More?


Closing of Pot ShopsTwo days ago on July 23rd, L.A.’s City Council vigorously voted to put a stop to marijuana dispensaries all over the city.  Santa Barbara, a fellow Californian city has already ended the life of its dispensaries all over the county.  There are approximately five-hundred and fifty dispensaries around the Los Angeles area, soon to be closed due to neighborhood concerns and numerous court rulings questioning a city’s right to control the weed retailers.  The council’s biggest problem is that these retailers are not regulated closely.  They envisioned non-profit shops to help with the problems of the sick due to cancer, pain, and other mental disorders.  Rogue pot shops since 2007 have taken advantage of City Hall’s lack of control over the issue.  The preceding decision, 14 – 0, states that only non-profit retailers of up to three individuals can maintain a shop to grow and dispense marijuana behind closed doors only to the medically ill.  Marijuana supporters were baffled by the decision and stirred uproar after hearing this verdict.  The dispensaries will be banned until further notice; until there can be better regulations on the pot “business”.  Promoters for pot shops say that people that are struggling with health issues will be stripped of their medicine. Many people are being denied weed used to diminish their chronic/ongoing pain.  This is a really big setback for them.  Since people will not have it readily available to them; having access to a supply from these shops, marijuana will be on the top of the black market again, crime rising again due to illegal sales of this drug.

I think L.A.’s City Council is making one of the biggest mistakes they could possibly make.  Due to the fact that crime has gone down because the black market for weed has somewhat diminished, illegal sales will ensue, causing crime to be on the rise yet again.  Not only were these dispensaries taxing their weed, making money for the city, they was creating jobs for people.  The unemployment rate sucks as it is, and giving people jobs growing pot and selling it is not half bad.  Our economy is not in the best shape by any means, and the pot business was helping to restore it.  Along with making money and giving people jobs, our police force, instead of throwing people in jail, were ticketing individuals without a card and those smoking it in restricted areas, making even more money for the city.  Putting this ban on the business is ridiculous.  Even though I’m sober and refrain from smoking pot, I believe they are doing a disservice to the industry and are losing money by the second which California so desperately needs right now.  Money is what this state needs and money is what they were acquiring from this particular system.  Regulations, shmegulations, let the people have their weed and smoke it too.


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