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Judge Paul Pozonsky Charged with Drug Possession – with Drugs from his own Cases


A former Pennsylvania judge is in a lot of trouble after investigators discovered that he stole and used confiscated drugs that were evidence in cases he presided over. Paul Pozonsky has been charged with multiple misdemeanors – including drug possession and theft – as well as a felony conflict of interest. Interestingly, Pozonsky was a judge who established drug courts in his western Pennsylvania jurisdiction.  Looks like he may soon have need for the very courts he helped to establish.

In 2011, Pozonsky abruptly quit his job as a judge who presided over high-profile cases in Pennsylvania amidst rumors that he was the subject of an investigation. This investigation began when District Attorney Gene Vittone was notified that Pozonsky was making inappropriate requests concerning evidence in current, pre-trial cases. In one such instance, the former judge asked a trooper to bring him evidence to his personal room – the only problem being that the evidence amounted to more than 200 grams of cocaine. On other occasions, the judge would have evidence brought to his chambers and then return the remaining evidence (i.e. the things that weren’t drugs, e.g., a sword, cash, etc.). However, he didn’t only use the evidence, but then attempted to cover his actions up.

During the course of the investigation, it was found that multiple evidence bags had been tampered with, were missing, or contained substances that weren’t their original content. In bags that were supposed to be filled with cocaine, investigators found baking powder – and Pozonsky’s DNA. All of these things combined – theft, drug possession, misapplication of entrusted property, and obstruction – are relatively serious charges.

The former judge may soon have need for his very own drug courts. He helped to establish these courts as a means of alternative sentencing when it came to offenses that involved the use, possession, or minor sales of drugs and alcohol. Although his lawyer has addressed the questions as to whether or not his client used the drugs he is charged with stealing (an unsurprising yes), he has not yet addressed whether or not Pozonsky has a drug problem or is planning on entering a rehabilitation center.

Not that it’s my place to speculate, but I would say that Judge Pozonsky’s actions are indicative of someone with a serious drug habit. Stealing, lying, manipulating (all on a large, public scale) are things that are often described as the characteristics of an addict. While his preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 13, I hope that Pozonsky is able to see the problems his actions have caused him, his family, and his workforce – not so that he’s humiliated or enraged, but so that he can get the help he may need, and move on with his life.


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