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Jesse James Admits Daughter Chandler went to Rehab for Substance Abuse


Jesse James is addressing the buzz surrounding recently surfaced photographs that depict his 18-year-old daughter, Chandler, inhaling methamphetamine at a party. Chandler checked into a rehab center in April to battle her addiction to several substances; including meth. According to her dad, she is now actively sober, and participating in 12-step programs. Following her dad’s footsteps, I guess: James also revealed that he has been clean and sober for 13 years.

The video and photographs that surfaced showed a wired Chandler either snorting or smoking the highly addictive, highly potent drug methamphetamine. Apparently, it was no secret in her Texas hometown that the 18-year-old liked to party hard and get high; going so far as to huff keyboard cleaner to get a high. Thankfully, the teenage daughter of biker icon Jesse James spent the month of April in a treatment facility and has been sober since. Amidst the buzz created by these photos, James revealed that he himself is a recovering addict who has been clean for the past 13 years.

I feel for Chandler. It’s hard to get sober at any age; but when you’re 18, there are more ways that your mind can mess with you. Feeling too young, feeling like sobriety should be classified as a curse word, feeling out of place—I’ve definitely felt all of those things. Hey, I went to rehab when I was 18 as well. I get how difficult that can be. Jesse James hit a key point when he candidly said that both he and his daughter actively participate in 12-step programs. Rehab is not the end-all, be-all for any addict or alcoholic; it is just the starting point on a lifelong journey.

A friend of Chandler said, “It was getting pretty out of hand…who knows what could have happened?” (Scheffler). Chandler James seems to be a beautiful, relatively normal teenage girl…suffering with an addiction to methamphetamine. It’s a story we see and hear all the time in recovery; someone so full of life meets a tragic fate—jail, institutions, and death. When we are out there in our addictions, no one knows what’s going to, or what can, happen: we do all sorts of crazy, irrational things and no one can predict it.

Jesse James also hits the nail on the head when he said, “If you guys…know somebody that struggles with…any kind of addiction please just help them, don’t judge them. Just give them help” (The Fix). From his daughter, to addicts across the country, a little help goes a long way. I’m happy for the James family that their daughter is now in recovery, but there are so many that are still struggling. Accepting these people for who they are and offering help, in whatever form that may be—rehab, love, support—can be more than enough to get someone on the path towards a healthy, happy life. I hope that Chandler and her dad stay sober, and find the peace of mind we all look for in these rooms.


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