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Jamie King: Success Story


A young model named Jamie King living in New York City in the early 90′s, when heroin chic wasn’t just a term to describe a look created by makeup and Photoshop.

A life absorbed by the chaos of drug addiction, pain, confusion and youth, in the extremely competitive world of fashion and entertainment.

A love lost to health problems and drugs…the same ones that the pretty, youthful model couldn’t seem to quit, no matter how hard she tried.

Fast forward twenty-something years and find a successful, beautiful, married actress expecting a child. They look like as different as day and night, but they are the same person. You’re looking at Jamie King in 2013, glowing and sober, living a life that is very different than the one she was headed for. This is the power of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

As a young teenager, Jamie King chose to pursue modeling over high school in Nebraska. She began using heroin at the age of 15, and continued until her boyfriend died in 1997 (Proud). She was a beautiful girl, on the path to success but suffering from the ailment that makes no distinctions whatsoever. She took her life into her own hands and entered the Hazelden treatment center, and made the decision to live, rather than die an addict and lose everything.

Her story is a beautiful one, and one that truly attests to the power of sobriety in the lives of people who were ravaged by the disease of addiction.

Millions of people have stories just like Jamie King’s. They were living lives that weren’t their own – controlled by drugs and booze, and the life that goes along with it. They either lost or were on the brink of losing everything they held dear, not to mention their very lives.

Sometimes, it takes an earth-shattering event—as in King’s case, with the death of her boyfriend—to make the choice to be sober. Other times, it is just being sick and tired of being sick and tired. The decision to live involves the decision to abstain from intoxication – a decision that many could tell in their own words, but one that comes down to this: they got their lives back, lives that are their own, lives filled with love and happiness and responsibility and acceptance.

Just ask Jamie King. Today, she is married, a star on a hit show, and expecting a child. In her photographs, she is glowing and radiating a happiness that comes from within. Her life, as well as many others – both celebrity and not – can be used as an example. No matter how hopeless and bleak life seems in the grips of addiction, it is beautiful and wondrous on the other side. It is not a matter of survival anymore, but a choice to live a life that is worth living.

Grace and dignity, acceptance and serenity – these are the gifts of sobriety. Digging an early grave, as Jamie King was well on her way to doing, is all that will result from staying in the disease of addiction. The choice is up to each individual, but the success stories speak for themselves.


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