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I Had to Ask for Help


Asking for helpTake a moment and consider these questions: Why is asking for help so hard?  Is it that we don’t know whom to ask?  Are we afraid of feeling vulnerable?  Does our pride prevent us from doing this?  Maybe we think that we don’t need help.  Maybe we don’t feel that something is wrong.  Perhaps we don’t know whom we can trust.

Asking for help often requires that we humble ourselves, look inward with absolute honesty, and surrender our ego.  If we really need help, then we have to find someone trustworthy to help us.  How do we know that the person we ask is going to care enough to provide good help?

In the past, I learned that bad help can leave us worse off than before.  Sometimes the person whom we ask tries to help us, but leaves us more in need of help than ever before.  Maybe it would be better never to have received their help in the first place.  It is always good to ask for help.  However, we don’t always have to accept the help that is offered to us.

Everyone needs help, no matter who we are or what we are doing.  Whether we are struggling to regain our sobriety or maintain it, receiving help from others is essential.  Isolation is the condition that results when we refuse help.  Isolation leaves an addict alone with himself, which may be perceived as the “danger zone.”

Nothing beats person-to-person help, but in the modern world we have the opportunity to turn to the internet for help.  In this scenario, the person who needs help must realize that something is wrong.  He or she must also know where to look online for help but the person doesn’t have to actually ask for help – yet.

Reading and studying online can give us some help. Then one must take action.  If we want to get the best help possible, we must make a phone call or initiate some other communication that will connect us with someone else.  Community and therapy are our best bets for getting the help or care that we need to recover.

Knowing where to go for help may be hard.  Try calling the treatment4addiction hotline.  Consider asking you local clergy or ministerial staff.  Doctors are also among the best sources of help available, along with therapists, counselors, and other professionals.  Friends and family may also be available to offer support and guidance.

Sometimes, just seeking help is the best thing to do.  It may change the momentum of our lives and shift us towards just the thing that we need.  In most cases, realizing that something is wrong and acting upon that notion is the best step we can take.  Take action to fight back against the addiction that is compromising your well-being.  Ask for help if you think you need it.

There is no shame in seeking help.  Find someone whom you trust and ask that person for help as soon as you can.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

By Kevin G.

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