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How to pass a drug test


So is it a myth or can you actually find ways to pass a drug test? This is a very common problem among many rehab facilities, schools and employers.

Personally I have not tried to falsely pass a drug test, but I do know some ways people have tried to falsely pass a drug test. The most common way is to get replacement urine. What????? Well when you are an addict you don’t give a shit how gross something is, just as long as you are not caught.

There are a few ways to get a replacement; one is to obtain synthetic urine, which you can find at your local smoke shop. There is the liquid form or vials of powdered concentrate that is mixed with warm water. The next part of this is how to get the synthetic urine to the test cup. Now did you really think that an addict hasn’t come up with a great system?

The Wizzinator is great/bad invention. You can get the Wizzinator in different colors from white, tan, Latino, brown and black. Sound crazy yet mom? The Wizzinator also comes as a kit, where you get 2 synthetic urine packets, heating pads, syringe to get the false urine into the bag and a bag and strap to place the synthetic urine in.

Another product that Is out there is a drink called XXTRA CLEAN. This drink can be easily found on the internet and in some specialty shops. The cost of XXTRA CLEAN is just at the $50 mark. Now this method is rather time consuming and is not the best tasting stuff, but it does tend to work. It is kind of like PLAN B, you can only take it so many times before you really fuck yourself up!

How about sweating the drugs out? I was in an outpatient facility about a year ago when I heard the craziest story of passing a drug test, I had ever heard. This guy was addicted to heroin and pills. For work he was drug tested randomly at any given time. When he found this out he thought it would be a great idea to continue taking drugs and just sweat the drugs out.

Every morning before work he would wake up and dress in layers of sweat pants and sweat shirts. He would then go for a 5 mile run to try and sweat the drugs out. If that isn’t crazy enough, he would then go to the gym, keeping in mind that he is still wearing many layers. He would sit in the steam room for 10 minutes shower at the gym then head to work. Crazy right?

Now all good things must come to an end. He was caught doing drugs but not from the urine test, but he was found passed out on the side of road from dehydration and having a heat stroke. Dumbass!

These are just a few ways many addicts think they can pass a drug test. There are many products and pills out there that claim to help pass a drug test, but none of them really work. Drug test have come a long way and have evolved in order to detect synthetic urine.

You don’t think I would write this blog and not let you in on the only product out there that can pass any drug test would you????? Well here it is………YOUR OWN DAMN URINE!!! Don’t do drugs if you just take the time and effort you put into finding drugs, and the time and effort into trying to pass a drug test, just imagine what you could actually be doing!

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