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After putting down the drugs and alcohol, generally individuals seek out a healthier way of living by developing improved eating habits, introducing exercise, and partaking in a more well-balanced life. Drug addicts need to find new and better ways of coping with life or they will certainly lose their minds; getting a job and experiencing fun in sobriety is central recovery. Hobbies are a great means of experiencing fun while sober: fishing, surfing, paint ball, boxing, car racing, and yoga all can be healthy distractions. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try different things in order to find what best suits you.

Implementing a healthy diet is vital; I gained a lot of weight since getting sober (I used to weigh 140 now I’m 200 lbs.). I feel great when I work out on a daily basis; my goal is to be at the gym at least 4 times a week. I can bench press 300 lbs. and have a workout routine that I follow. Some recovering addicts/alcoholics enjoy running or taking up bike riding outdoors, while others do both at the gym. It is imperative to set goals in your life, both in the gym and in your daily affairs.

Some healthy options as far as diet are oat meal or egg whites with toast for breakfast; people that eat carbs in the morning usually burn them off by noon. Sausage and bacon work as long as you don’t eat more than four pieces. Everyone has the ability to eat whatever they choose however moderation is what has worked best for me. I have also stirred away from fast food..lifting heavy weights means I need to eat lots of protein such as tuna fish, chicken, and steak. Steak is excellent due to its natural Creatine; I prefer to eat steak the night before or the day I am lifting a lot of weight. After every workout I take protein powder and eat protein for dinner along with some fiber; broccoli or other veggies. Fruits are a great source of vitamins and fiber. There are vitamins that are good to take like a multi-vitamin; vitamin B, Fish oil is good for brain function, as well as vitamin E and D.

Undertaking healthy activities is very important for the reason that people need a purpose to stay clean (I enjoy fishing but am always open to trying new things).  A game of poker or cards with some buddies can be cool. Attending NA or AA conventions is always a fun way to socialize and not mention a great way to meet hot chicks in recovery.

Achieving my goals is super important…they give me something to work for. For instance, I used to have a sales job and my goal was to hit over a 100 grand in sales per month. If I were to do this the company promised me a bonus and a gold ring in the shape of a house because we sold construction door to door. I really wanted the company super bowl style ring along with the bonus. It pressed me to work harder – sure enough I succeeded.

Today I set all kinds of goals and I am going to keep trying till I accomplish them. As long as I stay clean I can get them done one by one and have a killer life.

By Chris S.

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