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Haylee’s Teenage Experience with Weed


“Haylee’s Teenage Experience with Weed” is a blog that was written by a fourteen year-old girl who is struggling with a marijuana addiction. Our staff at Treatment4Addiction thought it would be a great piece to add some insight into how teenagers think, what they struggle with and their rationalization in early stages of substance abuse.

I am a 14 year old freshman in high school and I smoke weed a lot. At least I used to until my mom figured out I was high. She took away my electronics and freedom right before Thanksgiving break. It was the most boring 5 days I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been around her before while I was high and she never really noticed. Maybe she did and she talked herself out of thinking I was. I didn’t do a good enough job of bagging the weed and she smelt it, so that was it. Now she drug tests me every week and is on my case about everything.

I used to smoke weed almost every day for months. Basically I’ve done it as long as school has been in session this semester. It’s kind of weird for me, not being high at all. The longest I would ever go without a couple hits was a day or two, but usually that’s what I’d spend my free time doing. I would smoke it and eat it before school, after school, on the way to the bus stop, basically anywhere I was going. Someone was always there with me had the weed so “why not?” In my eyes it’s not bad for you. It’s practically legal anyway. It’s a good time and makes you feel great. It takes away pain and makes you stop thinking about all the bullshit that’s on your mind. My grades aren’t even bad. Yeah I know it can cause cancer but so does diet soda, cell phones and the sun so I don’t really care. A lot of people who start out with weed are lead to other drugs, but I have no intension of doing coke, meth or other hardcore drugs. Honestly, I just like weed.

I didn’t think the THC would be out of my system till forever. As much as I was smoking with, only stopping for a little over a week, drinking water and a little cranberry juice, didn’t think would do the trick but it’s out. I’m not going to smoke because then I would screw up everything again. I don’t want my stuff taken from me and want to be able to see my friends. It sucks but that’s what I have to do to remain happy. I mean, I could just do it anyway and not listen to anything anyone says, but I’d ruin my relationship with my entire family. Besides I’m only 14. There’s only so much I can do on my own. I love my family and friends much more than weed, so they’re my motivation.  I know I’ll have time someday to make my own decisions. But right now the best one is to stay away from weed.


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