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Guido and Guidette Solidarity at Its Best


We have all seen the hit, party-driven show Jersey Shore, now running for close to four years and currently in its 6th season, and “situations” are changing for some of its cast members.  Recently, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino went to rehab for an addiction to pills and now alcohol along with the mix.  Snookie has also been abstinent from the bottle due to her baby bump.  No one wants to see a little alcohol-crazed six-inch baby running around.

The final season of Jersey Shore has started filming, and the first episode will be a shocker to everyone.  From a video caught by TMZ’s paparazzi, every cast member is seen at a bar with not a drop of alcohol being drunk or in hand.  Since two of JS’s most famous cast members couldn’t touch a drink, the whole crew refrained from consuming any alcohol.  Even though the drinks weren’t flowing, from appearances it seemed like they were enjoying themselves.  Oddly enough, The Situation—who is usually the best dressed and ecstatic one out of the bunch—was seen with an orange hoodie and matching gym shorts on, which is not the norm for him.  But, when you’re coming off of pills, I don’t think you would be very happy either and want to dress up and show your rock hard abs.

Even if everyone feels that all eight of these very tan individuals are just party-crazed drinking machines, they care for one another and support each other the best they can.  If two of them cannot drink then none of them will do so, be they fellow cast members of members of the crew.  I find this kind of solidarity, a “one for all and all for one” kind of brotherhood, to be both refreshing and inspiring.  It’s kind of like fellowshipping in A.A.

When I fellowship with people from the program, we abstain from using and drinking.  We all have a good time without indulging on our addictions.  We support each other.  The JS cast are still all drinkers—at least seven of them are—but, like Alcoholics Anonymous, they are all abstaining for now in support to be of their brethren, Mike.  I think it is very admirable for the rest of the cast to give it up for a friend who cannot drink anymore due to his addiction.

The show is mainly focuses on how crazy and stupid these Jersey guys and gals can get after hours and hours of drinking.  Every dumb act of ridiculousness the show airs on TV seems to emanate from the cast members consuming as much alcohol as their bodies will allow.  In fact, the show should be called “Alcohol Shore.”  Still, it must be hard for someone like Mike to be on the show when in all reality the producers want them all to get wasted, act out, and smush.

There is a lot of pressure put on the Jersey Shore cast members who cannot drink.  Hopefully The Situation can keep his head held high and find strength in the support provided him by his friends and family.


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By Matthew B.


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