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Celebrating Freedom from Addiction


Breaking the chains of addiction to drugs, alcohol, or any other behavior is one of the hardest, most challenging undertakings ever.

Those chains are strong!

You see, the human body is very in tune with itself and usually it is right. For example, when our body tells us we are hungry, we should eat. When our body tells us we are tired, we should rest. However, when a person tries to give up drugs or alcohol, his body will tell him to use more.

Most addicts who have been using chronically will suffer some kind of temporary withdrawals immediately after ceasing their addictive behavior. Sometimes withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that intense suffering or death may occur. In many cases that person’s body or mind has become so used to the behavior that it has adapted to accommodate it. This is called physical dependence. Even though our bodies are usually right about telling us what we need, in the case of dependence it is wrong. Dependence causes an addict to feel confused, trapped, and sometimes even hopeless.

The truth is there is hope!

Many recovering addicts can attest to that. I am one. Let me tell you about a newfound hope and freedom that anyone can have if he works at it: Freedom from addiction!

Are you tired of spending all your extra cash on drugs, alcohol, junk food, cigarettes, shopping, or sex? Do you miss your friends and family, who won’t spend time around you because you are high or sick? Does your spiritual conscience convict you and make you feel guilty or dirty all the time? Maybe your body cannot take anymore of the self-addictive abuse your body demands.

Many addicts feel powerless over their addictions, trapped by them and unable to quit, even though they want to. Their finances are ruined, their family ties strained or broken. Physically they are suffering, facing the prospects of malnourishment, cancer, or worse. Emotionally they have become numb and selfish. Their spirituality is neglected as they are held captive to the sinful behavior that their addiction demands. Delusional perceptions of reality hinder them and other mental health issues arise. Addicts risk all of this to sustain their addictions, which yield nothing.

It’s insanity!

Please, let me urge the addicts of the world: Reclaim your independence and freedom in all of these areas of your life. If you don’t believe that it is possible, consider help. You can find help at any Alcoholics Anonymous or other anonymous 12-step meeting. There you will find living, breathing testaments to the possibility of reclaiming your freedom and independence in every area of your life. I urge you not to wait until you hit rock bottom, like most addicts do. Take off the armor of denial, realizing that you have a problem and cannot go on with your addictive behavior. Please ask for help. This site will aid you in finding the help you need to reclaim freedom with your finances, your friends and family, your physical health, and your spirituality.

It may seem impossible, but change can happen!

Please don’t be discouraged by hopelessness. I once thought that I could never quit using marijuana and my whole life would depend on it. After only two months of sobriety that sentiment changed and I realized change was happening. Change is possible, even lasting change.

I now celebrate freedom from addiction and so can everyone!



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Kevin Giles is a product of Santa Cruz, CA – the stoner capitol of the world. A born again Christian, Kevin loves his Lord Jesus and believes that his purpose in life is determined by God. He first entered drug recovery at the age of 19, suffering from an addiction to marijuana. He is a recent graduate of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, where he earned his Master’s degree in Christian Ministry. Passionate about God’s Word, he aspires to become a pastor or missionary. Kevin has also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Monterey Bay. His interests include traveling, movies, golf, fitness and reading. He also enjoys being outdoors as well as spending time with friends and family. Kevin’s faith, education and life experience give him a unique perspective on addiction, recovery and spirituality.

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