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Five Things That Lead To A Relapse

  1. Five things that lead to relapseRelationships, people sometimes relapse over a girl or guy.  It’s one of the most common things to take an addict or alcoholic out. They don’t like the way they feel over a break up or not getting the person they want, so they end up going out and drinking or doing dope to cope with their feelings. Or they date a person who dose drugs or drinks and they end up doing drugs or drinking to be comfortable with them.
  2.  Being in old hoods and around old homies or friends that you used to kick it with, can lead you to relapse. It can trigger old memories or feelings of getting loaded, which makes using seem like a good idea. This is up there for me as one of the most common reasons I relapsed. It brings out old behaviors and if I’m with the homies I’m doing what we do crime and gangster activities.<br>
  3. Drugs, alcohol, and paraphernalia. Seeing people using dope or drinking can be a big, big trigger for relapse. Watching someone shoot dope is a trigger for me. I used to shoot heroin and crystal meth, so seeing a needle brings the sensation and excitement of shooting up to the forefront of my head, and makes me want to use. For some it’s smoking crack or the smell of cocaine being smoked. Watching people snort a line or smoke some heroin or meth, even drinking a beer for some.<br>
  4. $$$$ Money is a huge trigger for relapse in both early and long term recovery. I’ve relapsed over this many of time when I was younger. Back then I would clean up and get a good job and start making some money and then spend it on drugs and alcohol to celebrate.  If early in recovery an addict alcoholic comes up on lots of cash they can forget about their program and just think about getting there next fix.  For people with long term sobriety, the amount of money and their financial state can lead many to relapse or commit suicide.  I have heard many stories in meetings about people with close to ten years or more going outor committing suicide, because they were in enormous amount of debt, or not making as much as they felt they should have been.
  5. Jobs. Sometimes jobs are a big part of why an addict or alcoholic relapses.  There is the stress and emotional baggage that comes with working at a job and then there is the problem with the new money that the job brings in. The job could be very stressful and so they just get the “fuck it’s” and get high, or they could just be in a line of work where there is lots of drug use and the addict just gives in to temptation of drug or alcohol.  If you are a felon, like me, there is also the added aggravation of not being able to find a job. There is also the possibility that they even though they are sober, they still have bad habits and get fired from their job.  I have seen this happen to many addicts in the rooms, and those without a good program go out over this while those with a working program use it as a learning opportunity. This one can go along with number four too.

How to avoid most of these things is by going to AA or NA meetings. Get a sponsor and work the steps with them.  Be sure to take their direction and stay in action. Have fun in sobriety. It’s ok to get laid, just make sure they have at least one year of sobriety. Do lots of activities and hobbies. Try and avoid your old stomping grounds and the people from your past that are still using.  If you do have to go back to them, be sure to bring a sober buddy with you and run it by your sponsor first.  Stay away from alcohol and drugs. Put one foot in front of the other and get a job.  Take action and do what you need to do to get things the right way without breaking the law. Money will hopefully come for you, just do the right thing with it and save it, or get what you neo survive.

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