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Fake IDs Enabling Underage Drinking


You used to have to walk downtown to a questionable neighborhood. Sometimes a friend’s older sister gave you hers. Or maybe you knew someone who knew someone that made them right out of their house. Fake IDs are no longer that difficult to come by. Our internet culture has opened up new avenues for drug use and illegal activity for anyone from the privacy of your own home. Fake ID websites are an easy alternative from purchasing an ID on the spot from a less than desirable person. When it comes to purchasing alcohol, underage kids seem to have it easy.

I was linked to a Fake ID, excuse me, “Novelty ID” site while researching medical marijuana dispensaries, because now it’s even easier for kids to get pot anytime they come across one of the many dispensaries here in California. The fake IDs of yesteryear were crapshoots, mine cost $25 and I purchased it off the street in San Francisco. It was the saddest looking laminated thing you ever saw. Only one liquor store took it. I went the cheap route, but many of my friends had more legit looking ones. The best were bona-fide California IDs borrowed from a sibling or friend that slightly resembled you. The hologram on IDs is what would easily discern a fake from a real. Today some fake ID websites boast new and improved more authentic looking IDs complete with hologram, magnetic strip, and barcodes. Most of the IDs range from $100-$200.

All of the Fake ID websites issue a disclaimer stating that the IDs are strictly for novelty purposes only and are not to be used in place as a real form of identification. Obviously, this is all for legal purposes of the distributors because how profitable would a novelty ID business be if kids weren’t using them with the intent to buy liquor or tobacco. One site even assures patrons that if an ID is lost or discovered by a parent, they were issue a new one free. All kids have to do is upload a picture and fill out their information for a brand new ID depicting their “legal” age. Most sites package the IDs in boxes disguised as playing cards or toys so as not to raise suspicion from parents. Because the newest crop of fake IDs are so authentic looking, bouncers and liquor salespeople have had to become savvier to offenders. Fakes may be hard to distinguish so sometimes kids will be questioned about the ID they are using to try an determine its validity. Having a fake ID is not anything new among teenagers. In fact, there are girls all over Los Angeles attending clubs and bars with the use of a fake ID. Other kids regularly purchase liquor or tobacco from an unsuspecting cashier.

Underage kids can face some serious consequences if caught using a fake ID. While some liquor stores may simply throw you out or confiscate your fake ID, some kids can be arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor. Other consequences include paying a hefty fine, community service hours or loss of driver’s license for up to a year.

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