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Drug Induced Zombie Outbreak?

As a child, one of my deepest fears was the possible impending doom brought upon by a zombie apocalypse. ZombiesOne was even called “Miami Zombie”, and after those two words I was prepared to strategically locate knives throughout my home. Obviously I was overreacting to the situation, and that there really was not a vast horde of flesh eating undead coming to break my door in. Nevertheless, the story is still just as disturbing, and in my opinion even stranger.

Last Saturday, a man named Rudy Eugene was found under a Miami highway eating another man’s face off. That man, 65 year old Ronald Poppo, was not only alive during this sadistic process, but survived the encounter. An eyewitness quickly ran to the nearby police station to report the event. Some people may think that it was a poor decision to commit such a heinous crime so close to police headquarters, but as Pippin said in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: “The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm!” It makes complete sense if you try not to think about it. The police shot Mr. Eugene multiple times to no avail (zombie evidence!), until he finally went down.

It was reported by the Miami police that this delusional Rudy character was on a high amount of a synthetic drug dubbed Bath Salts an “LSD-like drug” as most mainstream news reports describe the substance. I have some serious doubts that this was the drug responsible. Bath salts are considered to be a cocaine emulator. It was made as a legal replacement for stimulants, and multiple variants of the drug have been banned. The manufacturers of the substance continue to change its’ chemical makeup to get it back on the streets legally.

While there have been reports of bath salts causing psychosis in some individuals, hallucinations are typically not what the user is attempting to achieve. From a drug addicts’ perspective, Rudy Eugene exhibited many qualities of someone high on PCP. PCP has been known to cause users to feel superhuman, which would explain the resistance to being shot repeatedly. While it is very possible that bath salts are the culprit, I would put my money on something akin to PCP. I definitely would not describe bath salts as similar to LSD, nor would many of its’ habitual users.

Well I believe there is enough evidence in this case for me to rule out Armageddon via zombies, which should be a relief to mankind across the globe. On a more realistic note, expect to see more news coverage on both this incident and the drugs thought to be involved. Bath salts have already been a hot topic recently, and this situation will definitely fuel the fire in the fight against these legal synthetic drugs. Also, if any more stories surface about people getting their faces eaten, lock your doors! Zombies could strike at any time.

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