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Domestic Violence and Using


For some people violence and using go together; it is sad but true.  Some drugs make people paranoid, like crystal meth or cocaine.  There are situations where people who are using think that their girl or guy is cheating on them and they get jealous.  But some of these drugs just make them trip out for no reason, which can make them become violent and hit their loved ones, family members, or friends.  Alcohol can make certain people angry and violent.  Many people are sent to jail and prison for domestic violence due to drug and alcohol abuse, which are often accompanied by anger issues.

I have been in many situations were violence was going on.  It is a scary place to be in and sometimes I feel as though there is nothing I can do to stop myself from acting out.  One example from my life was one night when I was waiting for the dope man to show up with his girlfriend at her pad.  When he arrived, he walked in with his homeboy, finding me there alone with his girlfriend.  This got him pissed and he walked over to her, hit her face, and wrapped the phone cord around her neck, bashing her face in with the phone.

When I got up to stop him, the dope man’s homie shook his head and lifted his shirt to show me his pistol.  After that I just left feeling really bad that I couldn’t do anything to help this girl, knowing that if I tried to come to her defense I would get shot.  This type of thing has happened to me plenty of times.  I hate watching women get beat up and I would never hurt a girl physically.  I think people who abuse women either need to be placed in domestic violence classes or get beat down by some big guys.

There are also people who get very violent and like to play with guns and knives, like me.  I tend to get PO’d when people try to come up on me, or steal my drugs or money, and I get a little crazy and carry weapons.  When armed I feel safer and as though I have power over the situation I’m in.  If I have to threaten somebody I will do so no matter what.  My addiction is powerful and takes control of my mind, body, and life.

Some people get addicted to violence, as it gives them a feeling of power.  This is very dangerous for the people who are close to them, and even affects acquaintances.  They feel as though they need to get violent to get what they want or need.  I kind of do this, just a little, but I try not to hurt people – just scare them.  Sometimes I feel there is no other option but to hit people to get them to listen.  But I have noticed that when I am not using, I tend to have a more even temperament.

The most insidious cases of domestic violence involve children and pregnant women.  Anybody who hits a pregnant woman should get fucked up or beat down till he’s nearly dead.  People who do this risk killing the little one inside the mama, if not the mother-to-be herself.  They need to get tied to a chair and pistol whipped till they’re close to death.

If you beat your kids to point where you injure them, you need help to manage your anger and maybe even a taste of your own fucking medicine.  I would like to fuck you up and hurt you till you can’t talk or walk!  I’m a little crazy and, as you can see, still have anger issues of my own that need to be resolved.  Still, I’m not that concerned about the scum of the earth getting their due.  Sometimes, it takes violence to stop violence.

That’s my view, anyway.


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