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Criminal activities due to drug use


Drugs can cause people to do crazy things, things they wouldn’t normally do if they were sober or clean. Hard drugs like heroin, crack, and crystal meth can cause lots of criminal behavior and thoughts. I have been addicted to all of these drugs and I’ve done almost anything to get them at one point in time. I would steal from stores, and return the stolen property to a different home location for money or gift cards, then sell the cards to people.

I would rob houses and cars for tools and money for crack or heroin. Mug and rob random people for there money or jewelry so I could high. I had to have the drug, mostly heroin cuz if I didn’t have it I would get very dope sick. My body and mind were very addicted to heroin. I had to have it a couple times a day or I would go through dope sickness. I would also sell drugs for my own habit like weed and crystal meth. I sold lots of meth, and I also shot a lot into my veins, this made me commit more crimes, but mostly I would rob other drug dealers. I sold guns and body armor and meth to my heroin dealer. I would sell meth to and guns to people for my habit. I dealt with lots of, gang members, bikers, porn stars, and just straight dope fiends like me. The only reason I could support my habit was because I was a fucking hustler and a criminal. I also got lots of legal consequences that I had to deal with like jail, and probation. My health was very bad as well, with holes in my arms and collapsed veins and I caught Hep C. I never got HIV though, like a lot of other people I know, thank god. I know a few hookers that shoot up and have HIV and there still turning tricks. My mind is fucked up so I have to work a program and let someone know what I’m thinking sometimes and the only people that really understand are other addicts in recovery. If I’m thinking about robbing a bank or killing somebody that I don’t like I will talk to another recovering addict that’s also in a 12 step program, they can usually relate and I have a sponser that I can call who takes me through the 12 steps. So I’m still crazy but I don’t go through with my stupid idea’s or thoughts I talk to people about it. It’s helped me stay clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for about 9 months, thank god. A lot of people I know still need help and I would like to help them because there just like me even worse addicts, killers, burglars, gangsters, hookers, and alcoholics.

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