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Children of Alcoholics Prone to Stress Induced Drinking

Growing up in an alcoholic home can drive some to drink – according to recent studies published by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Sahlgrenska Academy). Stressful situations can push many over the edge; children who are raised in an alcoholic home know stress all too well. If one grows up in a home where one parent is dependent on alcohol it can be a cause for great dysfunction and a toxic environment.

Children of alcoholics have a fifty percent chance of evolving into problem drinkers themselves, very possibly struggling with an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) some time in their future. Although this is not new information and has been very well documented for quite some time, new research has shed further light on this subject.

Anna Soderpalm Gordh a researcher at Sahlgrenska Academy preformed tests involving 58 healthy subjects that were divided into two groups. The groups were divided on the basis that they derived from both families’ that had issues with alcohol or without alcohol problems. The tests consisted of each group undergoing two experimental assignments (one of which was more stressful and involved solving mathematical equations in a public and timed scenario). While in the process of undergoing their randomly assigned tests, the individuals within both groups were subsequently asked to drink alcohol for an experimental consumption analysis or ingested a placebo (depending on which situation they were assigned to).

Results related to the analysis revealed that those individuals that grew up with parents that had a history of alcohol dependence and or abuse drank greater amounts when they were exposed to the stressful scenarios.

The type of behavior revealed in the studies performed can have very serious consequences long term. It is common knowledge that people who consume great quantities of alcohol whenever they chose to drink ultimately will run the risk of developing a dependence on liquor to serve as an outlet to reduce stress in the future.

There is no question that stress can create an unbalance in anyone’s life; without the proper tools to quiet one’s mind and take the so-called “edge” off, an individual can get wrapped up in a vicious cycle of reaching for a drink every time they need to cool off; especially if an individual is prone to abusing alcohol. As the study also dictated, those who were raised in households where their guardians subjected them to alcoholic behaviors ran a very high risk in using liquor as a vehicle to relieve stress and anxiety.

Countless studies have shown that applying relaxation exercises as well breathing techniques to one’s life while in the midst of dealing with difficult situations is key to allowing them to properly work through whatever is proving to be problematic. Having the ability to learn how to better endure stress and move through the emotions that come along with encountering life’s daily headaches or traumatic experiences can only establish a healthier more fulfilling existence in the long run.

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