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Lady Gaga Comes Clean About Her Marijuana Addiction

Lady Gaga Comes Clean About Her Marijuana Addiction

It’s not every day that a mega-celebrity, in this case Lady Gaga, speaks candidly about her personal battle with marijuana. But she told all about her tenure as queen of sexy-crazy and now, high. “I have been addicted to it and it’s ultimately related to anxiety coping and it’s a form of self-medication,” Gaga told a radio talk show host in New York City. There are those within the drug and alcohol recovery community who do … Read entire article »

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“That 70’s Show” Star, Lisa Robin Kelly Dies at 43 in California Rehab

  Lisa Robin Kelly, who starred in the hit comedy series “That 70’s Show,” passed away on August 14, 2013, while staying in a California drug and alcohol rehab facility after battling with alcoholism for several years. She was determined to turn her life around in rehab after being arrested several times in the last few years for DUIs and other charges, but at only 43 years old, the actress reportedly died from a cardiac arrest in her sleep at the rehab facility, although the certainty of her cause of death has not been officially released to the public. In a report by The Daily Beast, Lisa Robin Kelly’s agent, Craig Wyckoff, said that he “…spoke to her on Monday, and she was hopeful and confident, looking forward to putting this part … Read entire article »

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Amanda Bynes May Be Suffering from Schizophrenia; Parents File for Conservatorship

At this point, everyone has heard of Amanda Bynes and her disturbing antics – throwing glass pipes out of skyscrapers, posting bizarre social media messages, her involvement in a string of arrests…and most recently, the incident where she set herself on fire, resulting in a 5150 psychiatric hold at a Ventura County hospital. Since she was placed under this involuntary hold, her parents have filed for a conservatorship and medical staff there has noted that she is displaying signs of a severe mental illness – potentially schizophrenia. This past Monday, Amanda Bynes was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward in southern California after she lit her pants on fire while lighting a fire in a suburban driveway (Times Staff Writer). She was held under the California Welfare and Institutions code, known … Read entire article »

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Another Amanda Bynes Meltdown

Former child actress Amanda Bynes made news again this week after another outlandish stunt. Bynes was taken into custody by Ventura Co. Sheriff’s deputies this week after lighting a fire in front of an old folk’s home in her hometown of Thousand Oaks, CA. Bynes has been in the news a lot this year, but she certainly isn’t picking up any “good press.” Last December she entered into a civil agreement to settle a lawsuit against her after hit-and-run charges were filed. She was also charged with driving on a suspended license, and she actually lost her driver’s license for a while. Then, after being asked to leave a gymnastics’ class for her behavior, she was kicked out of the gym for smoking pot inside the locker room and arrested for … Read entire article »

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Cory Monteith Dies at 31 From Apparent Drug Overdose

  Cory Monteith made headlines earlier this year after entering rehab for a second time, with the support of his co-star and real life love, Lea Michele. Just a few years prior, Monteith gave interviews in which he candidly addressed his out-of-control past and addiction, noting that he was “lucky to be alive” (Donnelly). Sadly, it seems that the 31-year-old actor succumbed to his addiction once more, and died this past Saturday from an apparent drug overdose (Mandell). Unfortunately, this story is not unique – people just like Cory Monteith die every day from drug overdoses and other drug-related causes. Cory Monteith skyrocketed to fame when he got the role of Finn Hudson on the hit show ‘Glee’. Since then, he had been candid about his struggles with addiction, stating that he’d … Read entire article »

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Jamie King: Success Story

  A young model named Jamie King living in New York City in the early 90′s, when heroin chic wasn’t just a term to describe a look created by makeup and Photoshop. A life absorbed by the chaos of drug addiction, pain, confusion and youth, in the extremely competitive world of fashion and entertainment. A love lost to health problems and drugs…the same ones that the pretty, youthful model couldn’t seem to quit, no matter how hard she tried. Fast forward twenty-something years and find a successful, beautiful, married actress expecting a child. They look like as different as day and night, but they are the same person. You’re looking at Jamie King in 2013, glowing and sober, living a life that is very different than the one she was headed for. This is … Read entire article »

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Rihanna to Enter Sex and Love Addiction Treatment Program

  The relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown has been making headlines since 2009, when Brown violently assaulted the ‘Diamonds’ singer. In recent years, the couple have reunited… and most recently, split again. This relationship has reportedly caused the singer enough stress and anxiety to check into a treatment center for Sex and Love Addiction at The Ranch clinic in Tennessee. This program follows the model of a traditional substance abuse rehab, and also includes the 12-step SLAA program. In 2009, Rihanna was brutally beaten by Chris Brown after an altercation. From this point on, her relationship with Brown was ground for public speculation. Rihanna got a restraining order against Brown, but it was rescinded in 2011 (US Weekly). In January 2013, the 2 singers were officially a couple again (TV3). The … Read entire article »

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Defending Cameron Douglas and Addicts Everywhere

  Cameron Douglas, the troubled son of Michael Douglas, is reaching out from behind bars to advocate for a different approach to the penalization of drug addicts. In his letter that the Huffington Post published, he decries the current legal approach of throwing addicts in prison for terms that are often longer than those received by violent criminals, and suggests that a more effective solution would include mandatory treatment instead of incarceration. The backlash surrounding this letter is surprising to a degree and utterly characterizes the misconceptions and stigmas that still surround the disease of addiction. Cameron Douglas is a case that is all too commonly seen in today’s judicial system. In 2010, he was arrested by the DEA for possessing heroin and methamphetamine. He was later charged with possession as well … Read entire article »

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New York City Mayor Bloomberg calls medical marijuana “one of the greatest hoaxes of all time”

  Although recent surveys demonstrate that public support of marijuana has steadily increased, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly voiced his disapproval of legalization efforts, calling medical marijuana “one of the greatest hoaxes of all time.” “Medical, my… come on. There’s no medical,” Bloomberg told WOR 710 AM, a New York news talk station, CBS New York reports. Just two days before the Mayor hit the airwaves, the New York State Assembly passed a bill that would decrease the punishment for possession of small quantities of marijuana to a fine, rather than an arrest. The next day, New York Physicians for Compassionate Care held a press conference, revealing that over 600 doctors support a medical marijuana program in New York State. Mayor Bloomberg, however, is not backing down from his stance. He referenced … Read entire article »

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Philip Seymour Hoffman Back on the Wagon

  The well known actor Philip Seymour Hoffman recently completed a 10-day detox program following a relapse that started with prescription pills and escalated to heroin use. The star formerly had 23 years of sobriety, but what is most important is that he addressed his relapse before it was too bad and that he is clean and sober again. Hoffman checked into a detox facility following a yearlong relapse. He fell off of the wagon by abusing prescription pills and eventually began using heroin. Thankfully, he was only using heroin for about a week before deciding to seek help for his addiction. This rendezvous didn’t take his life, nor did it cost him his job, or any of the other things that we commonly hear accompanying benders. Did it affect his psyche and … Read entire article »

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