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Binge Eating Disorder Common Among Bipolar Patients


A few years ago, a study established a link between bipolar disorder and eating disorders – including anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder (Jones). Recently, another study was performed that showed a high rate of people suffering from bipolar disorder also display symptoms of binge-eating disorder. Their study also shows that this subgroup seems to be more severely mentally ill, and that they are more likely to develop or show signs of other psychiatric and health problems.

The new study from the Linder Center of HOPE and the University of Minnesota found that there are higher rates of binge-eating disorder among people with bipolar disorder than the general population (Lees). They also found that this subgroup was more likely to have suicidal thoughts, psychosis, anxiety, and substance abuse than people who had bipolar disorder without binge-eating disorder (Lees).

This study followed a previous one from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, which established that there was a high rate of eating disorders among people with bipolar disorder – as much as 14 percent of the population (Jones). This current study found that while about 4 percent of the American population has bipolar disorder, 10 percent of the bipolar population also has a binge-eating disorder (Lees). Researchers also found that it was more common for women than men with bipolar disorder to have a binge-eating disorder (Mayo Clinic).

More importantly, the implications of this study imply that when binge-eating disorder is coupled with bipolar disorder, the sufferers are more severely mentally ill than their counterparts who exhibit one or the other. As co-author of this study Susan McElroy says, “Patients with bipolar disorder and binge-eating disorder appear to represent a more severely ill population of bipolar patients,” (Nauert).

It is important for researchers to address this, especially because many of the medicines that are given to treat bipolar disorder include side effects such as weight gain and increased appetite. When these medicines are coupled with people who may have binge-eating disorder, the results can be physically and psychologically damaging, resulting in obesity and the resulting health problems, as well as the psychological effects such as suicidal ideation, substance abuse, psychosis, and anxiety.

Both bipolar disorder and binge-eating disorder can wreak havoc on individual’s lives and psyches, even when assessed individually. However, when these two occur together they present a further host of problems and seem to represent a more severely mentally ill group of individuals. Hopefully, further research can find better ways to treat bipolar disorder without medications that have potentially harmful side effects for those who are also dealing with binge-eating disorder.


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