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Food Additives May Up the Possibility of an ADHD Diagnosis

We’ve heard that bad parenting may be to blame, that perhaps a little foul play during pregnancy contributed to the child’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Ambiguous claims that “diets lacking in balanced nutrition” may be partially responsible for the development of ADHD in some children. However, it is rare that we hear of specific correlations between foods (or food additives, in this case) and the increased possibility of ADHD. According to the Huffington Post, scientists have made progress in the analysis of food additives correlating to instances of ADHD. Researchers have speculated that food coloring and preservatives have existed as components that exacerbate a child’s ADHD symptoms. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the ADHD stem from a genetic basis or did the excess of food coloring and … Read entire article »

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AA and Spirituality Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Some people avoid AA altogether – and the 1.2 million existing members — for fear of the “higher power” concept. Atheists and agnostics alike flee in the opposite direction to avoid opening their minds to the concept that an omnipotent, intangible force exists in the universe. What many people don’t realize is that AA encourages alcoholics to foster a relationship with the God of their understanding only – and that can range from anything to “mother nature”, to Alcoholics Anonymous itself. A devotion to “God” (replace with the term of your preference) is a key component of AA’s 12-step program, not only because no human power can restore alcoholics to sanity – but because conscious contact with a higher power has proven to be an effective venue through which recovery has … Read entire article »

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Equal Rights – Mental Health Treatment Vs Medical Treatment

Equal Rights – Mental Health Treatment Vs Medical Treatment

Limit 20 therapy sessions per person per year. This is the speech I received when I requested individualized counseling sessions last winter while in the grip of a crippling depression. My insurance company was not alone in its refusal to cover more than a predetermined number of visits over a specified period of time. I considered people far worse off than I was with a sense of empathetic disbelief. Bipolar disorder? Paranoid schizophrenia? Delusional disorder? … Read entire article »

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Expired Medication Has a Home Sept. 25th

Maybe I’ve been living in a cave for the past 24 years, but this is the first I’ve heard of a drug take-back. Two days from now, the US government is funding a take-back initiative across the country, inclusive of over 3,400 sites. The DEA is partnering with local community, health and law enforcers to encourage individuals to free themselves of unwanted, unused, or expired medications between 10am and 2pm. I think this initiative has been created with positive intent and represents an incredible concept that will hopefully be adopted moreso in the coming years. People don’t have to hold onto their five remaining percosetts from that wisdom tooth operation. No longer does one have to think twice about taking expired medication as of 1988, and they can dispose of them … Read entire article »

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Prescription Drugs Online? Google Cracks Down on Faux Pharmacies

Google is just as tired of seeing “Get 30 days worth of Xanax here!” and “Free shipping on any prescription drugs!” in the sidebar alongside legitimate sponsored listings as I am. Well, apparently Google’s stepping up to the plate and suing alleged pharmaceutical distributors of non-prescription drugs. I’m skeptical of their capacity to identify all of the rogue pharmacies that use Google’s brand and goodwill to boost their sketchy credibility, though. Many of the brains behind the drug hoaxes aren’t above weaseling their way back into Google listings, employing any and all tactics possible. When Google tried tightening the reins on specifications for sponsored listings in the past, their attempts were met with equal effort on behalf of illegal drug companies to snake their way around the rules. Subsequently, the … Read entire article »

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Chinese Prescription Drug Could Curb Cocaine Addiction

The title of this article reminded me of Passage Recovery Home’s claim to fame: “We’ll cure your addiction!” Apparently there is a treatment brewing on the east coast that may be as close to a “cure” for a specific addiction as any. In Maryland, a litany of researchers have spent their time and energy pursuing a medication designed to treat cocaine addiction. The University of Maryland was granted 3.7 million dollars over a five-year period to invest in researching and designing such a miracle. Jia Bei Wang, PhD, has led the study since 2005. A professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the School of Pharmacy, she “follows research in mice showing a compound called l-tetrahydropalmatine (l-THP), found in some Chinese medicines, decreases cravings for cocaine and suppresses the ‘reward pathway’ in … Read entire article »

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Man Accused of Killing Wife Pleads a Caffeine-Induced Psychosis

It’s OK that he strangled his wife with an extension cord, because he was chugging Redbulls and popping NoDoz. He thought his wife, Amanda, was going to leave in the middle of the night with their two children…so he loaded up on caffeine to preclude her escape. He didn’t mean it. At least, that’s what Woody Will Smith is going to claim in court July of 2011. The article doesn’t mention anything about his prior drug use or possible addiction issues, but I suspect his using doesn’t end with his fix of morning java. Why the delay in bringing this to trial? Prosecutors need to collect ammo in preparation, including information about Ephedra and caffeines’ effect on the body. I agree that prosecutors need to approach the trial armed with facts … Read entire article »

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Another Headline with Paris Hilton + Cocaine

Paris Hilton is once again in the spotlight. Shocker. She’s pleading guilty? But, the cocaine in her Chanel purse was someone else’s, right? Oh… No? In all seriousness, Paris is going to shoulder the reality of her recent cocaine bust for no less than a year. According to the Washington Post, prosecutors have decided that she must be on probation for one year, pay a $2,000 fine, and serve 200 hours of community service. This being determined after she plead guilty this morning. I personally worry about that $2,000 fine she is facing. I imagine it’s going to be her biggest concern and many people are probably worried sick wondering how she is going to come up with $2,000. She’s also going to be banned from the Wynn hotel…thus, sadly leaving her … Read entire article »

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Tanorexia – Not a Joke

Many people ignore the risks of tanning in an effort to reap the benefits. Over the past several years I’ve heard young people throw the term “tanorexic” around loosely in different contexts. Senior year of high school many of the girls would jokingly diagnose another girl as “tanorexic” after repeated trips to the tanning bed over several weeks’ time. I sometimes wonder if I had a tanning addiction at one point — I knew the risks and dangers, yet couldn’t stay away from the local Tanorama throughout college. If only I had a time machine I’d race back and not only skip the artificial UV rays, I’d warn my fellow students about the risk of tanning. Or at least direct them to a spray-tan venue. Turns out I’m not the only … Read entire article »

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Applying Lip Balm – Trendy or Sign of Addiction?

Applying Lip Balm – Trendy or Sign of Addiction?

Rehab for lip balm…? A fellowship of…addicts who can’t stay away from Cherry Chapstick? I can’t figure out whether or not half the websites on Lip Balm Addiction have been created in jest or if they have an element of seriouness to them. For example, iVillage, a popular multifaceted website with the latest buzz, has a quiz for readers to assess whether or not they should consider themselves “officially” addicted to lip balm. The ways … Read entire article »

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