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Actor Nick Stahl’s Whereabouts Uncovered; He Was Trying to Score Crystal Meth


As of last May, no one has heard anything concerning actor Nick Stahl’s whereabouts after he went missing for four days, encouraging his estranged wife, Rose Murphy, to file a missing persons report in fear that he was dead from an overdose.

But just recently, a source who wanted to remain anonymous and is now clean and sober, spoke to about the actor’s current condition.

“It was around 12 noon in broad daylight when Nick and I started up a conversation about drug use.

I was leaving the clinic and I recognized Nick right away so I said hello.  He was wearing jeans, a red shirt and a green jacket and he looked real bad, like he was up all night – blood shot eyes and all.

He said he was waiting outside the clinic since 7 a.m. and then he said he wanted to get high.

I asked him if he meant weed – marijuana – and he said, ‘No, I don’t smoke pot – I smoke crystal.  Do you know where I can get some?’  I was floored – I knew Nick was having issues and struggling to get clean, but I was still pretty shocked that he asked a perfect stranger where he could score some dope.”

Stahl, who has yet to get his act together, has been leading a double life.  He has been in and out of rehab several times within the past couple of years and is allegedly attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

The anonymous source ended with concern for the actor, saying, “I just hope that with me coming forward someone will talk some sense into Nick.  He’s not fooling anyone – Nick’s playing with fire and desperately needs to get back into rehab.”

About a week after the source spoke to Stahl outside the clinic, the disheveled actor was photographed wearing dark glasses while unexpectedly shopping with his wife and daughter at The Grove in West Hollywood.


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