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27 Club


The 27 Club is a very exclusive but not limiting club. I had not heard of this club/theory until asked to write about it. After doing some research it is a very fascinating topic.

The 27 Club is a theory that at the age of 27 musicians would die due to their addiction problems. There are 40+ musicians who had all died at the age of 27 due to their continue drug abuse. Kurt Cubain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin are just a few on the list.

Is it all a coincidence or is there something more to it? Not being a huge believer in theories such as this, this theory seems to be somewhat believable. Looking more into the deaths some of them where freak accidents, from falling off a horse, plane crashes, car accidents, suicides and drug overdoses.

This raises the next question who is next to join them? I have my few almost 27 year olds that I can say might make it on the list. It is almost like the movie Final Destination. You don’t know who is the next to join the club and are holding your breath until you turn 28!

Sound interesting yet?! I thought so!

Doing some more digging I also tried to find other theories like the 27 Club. I couldn’t really find any that were worth pursuing. Also I didn’t really find any! Another weird part of the club is that all who died were either at the height of their career or in the pit never getting back to the top charts.

The other theory I had about one of the deaths is really not that far out there. Kurt Cobain was at the height of his career and married to Courtney Love. Some speculate that it wasn’t really suicide but rather murder by either El Duce or Courtney.

Others also speculate that his fame ruined him, resulting in him killing himself.

Many speculate that their deaths were caused by murders and Illuminati. It is really simple though and that is their deaths were all the direct result of their addiction.

Addiction is a very powerful disease and very deadly. It messes with every part of your life. Addiction affects every part of your body from you brain to you nerves. People go crazy if they do not find the right kind of help to defeat this taboo topic of addiction.

Addiction has to be addressed and not in the way it has been for the past few years. Addiction is almost glamorized today from reality shows to movies. We need to start looking at all the bad about addiction instead of what is being mainstreamed.

To me there really is no 27 Club but just a turn of unfortunate events for musicians. Their addiction took them to places they would not otherwise be at if not addicted to drugs or alcohol.


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