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World of Warcraft Addiction

There are those that only associate an addiction with drugs or alcohol, but there are many different types of addictions. Internet gaming addiction is something that has been recognized and studied in the past few years. Just like an addiction to a mind altering substance, online gaming can take over a person's life. Gaming addictions can cause an individual to isolate and lose relationships just as an addiction to narcotics would.

The game World of Warcraft, or WOW, has been the centerfold for online gaming addiction. An independent study shows that up to 40% of World of Warcraft players may be addicted to the game. Once a player is immersed in the game it becomes very easy for them to get hooked into the fantasy world. This type of addiction does not discriminate. World of Warcraft players are all types of people from all walks of life. Players who may be addicted to this game devote their days and nights to playing World of Warcraft. It may be tough to know if someone is actually addicted to the game.

Symptoms of World of Warcraft Addiction

Determining if an individual is addicted to a video game can be hard. Someone who is addicted to World of Warcraft will show the same signs as someone who suffers from an addiction to drugs. Individuals who put World of Warcraft over outside responsibilities and obligations may have a problem. Addiction can be defined as something that manifests itself as a devotion, a habit or practice that damages, jeopardizes or shortens one's life but when ceased causes trauma. It's a pathological relationship to a mood altering experience that has damaging consequences. World of Warcraft submerses the player into a fantasy world. This type of behavior can allow someone to escape reality just as they would with drugs or alcohol. It's a form of escape that can make the individual feel separated from reality and things that are going on around them.

Symptoms of World of Warcraft Addiction Include:

  • Decreased interest in activities and obligations outside the home
  • Spending less and less time on personal hygiene, eating, and sleeping
  • Dry eyes
  • Back aches, stiff neck, sore fingers
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Sleep disturbances

Gaming Addiction Recovery

There are many ways to recover from an online gaming addiction. There is a 12-step fellowship devoted solely to people who struggle with an addiction to gaming. Therapy and group counseling is available to anyone who struggles with this problem. The recovery process for video game addiction is similar to recovering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is a process that will allow an individual to take hold of their life and regain lost passions and relationships.




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