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Are You a Sex Addict?

Do you think you or a loved one may have a sexual addiction? Sex addictions affect millions of Americans and are best treated as early as possible to treat its destructive side effects. If you think you or a loved one you know may have a sex addiction, take the following self-help quiz to find out if they are displaying the common symptoms of a sex addict. This test is only for informational purposes and should be not used as a substitute for a professional evaluation.

Self Assessment Test:

1. Has your sexual behavior gotten so out of hand that it has caused you to seek professional assistance?
2. Specifically, is it hard for you to distance yourself from the common routine of viewing sexually related websites?
3. Has your habit of viewing pornography gotten out of hand and caused problems in your life?
4. Do you masturbate so often that you risk impairing your health and relationships?
5. Do you find yourself attempting to hide your sexual behavior from close family and friends?
6. Do you struggle financially as a result of your sexual activity?
7. Have you continually put a strain on your past relationships by engaging in sexual activity with others?
8. Does the idea of engaging in sexual activity and getting caught excite you in any particular way?
9. In the past, have you made a commitment to stop a specific sexual habit and failed to honor that commitment?
10. Does your professional life take a hit because of your sex life?
11. Are your sexual activities putting a strain on your personal relationships with family and friends?
12. Have people expressed to you that your sexual activity is extreme and unacceptable?
13. Do you occasionally search for or have anonymous sexual encounters with other people?
14. Do you feel the need to participate in sexual activity despite of the fact that it is damaging to you?
15. Would you consider your sex life over the top, out of control, or wrong?
16. Do your sexual behaviors consistently put your health in jeopardy?
17. Does the fact that you engage in sexual acts leave you feeling apprehensive, blameworthy or humiliated in any way?
18. Is the possibility of getting arrested or having legal problems an issue related to your sexual behavior?
19. Do you make a point of searching for those businesses that are related to sex? (websites, phone lines, escort services)
20. Do you daydream about sex so often that it distracts you from the rest of your life?
21. Do you feel down on your luck or unhappy about your sexual behavior?
22. In the past, have you attempted to eliminate a certain sexual behavior and been unable to?
  This test is only for informational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for a professional evaluation.
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